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At IoTsens we offer society as a whole the necessary tools to connect the physical world with the digital world through Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies with the aim of being more efficient, digital, and sustainable.

Keys of Environmental Monitoring in Low Emission Zones

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Thanks to our know-how, we have developed and integrated a wide range of products that will allow you digitalize every aspect of your surroundings.

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Through the implementation of our technological integrated solutions, you could enhance the decision-making process resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit. 

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End-to-End solution that provides the information needed for smart decision making in urban environments, creating digital, connected and sustainable ecosystems.
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Integral solution for water management in different fields of application in order to digitize the processes and achieve greater efficiency in its management.
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Solution for buildings management and control through the collection of relevant information from different areas in order to increase the efficiency, security and accessibility of the building.
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Integral solution for the automation of irrigation zones in order to obtain the necessary information for smart decision making in crops and gardens resulting in resource optimization and efficiency in their management.
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Our R+D consultancy area provides with its knowledge and years of experience in order to help our customers in building innovative projects that can give additional value to their products and services

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