Difficulties in the exhaustive reading of the consumption of its meters installed in different areas.


Deployment of our Smart Water solution for remote meter reading and subsequent management on our platform.

Our client

FACSA, founded in 1873, is the Spanish private company with more experience in the management of the integral water cycle, controls the supply in more than 70 cities, serving more than 4 million citizens. The company from Castellón contacted IoTsens looking for a solution that would allow them to monitor the consumption, the status of the meters and know instantly if there were any leaks.


The project

IoTsens, together with FACSA, carried out the project where initially a test of 600 smart water meters was performed after which 20,000 meters with LoRaWAN communication were deployed in different areas of Castellón de la Plana.

Thanks to the implemented solution, FACSA obtained information about:

  • Water consumption
  • Meter status control
  • Flow direction
  • Manipulation alerts
  • Water balances
  • Alert for irregular consumptions
  • Reduced investment in infrastructure
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Optimization in detection and solution of failures and leaks
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