We work in a R&D culture that seeks the continuous optimization of processes in order to achieve innovations that favour the efficient management of resources and sustainable development.

In IoTsens we are firmly committed to the development of innovative technology in our products, responding to the needs of our customers, adding value to their products.

Foundation of IoTsens to service the Grupo Gimeno companies



Openness to the national and international market of our solutions

Participation in events of international impact



Significant expansion of the product portfolio and increase in R & D investment

The number of members of the IoTsens team is doubled



Growing expansion nationally and internationally with multinational companies

Participation in innovative projects of international collaboration



Sales growth and incorporation of new members to the team

Our foundations

They already trust us

With our business group support

For more than 145 years, Grupo Gimeno has innovated to bring a better and more sustainable future to its surroundings. A diversified, experienced, dialoguing and committed business group made up of 40 companies that operate nationally and internationally.

Currently, Grupo Gimeno is made up of more than 5,600 professionals, who represent the fundamental value asset of the company. The Gimeno Group team and the companies that make it up are constantly evolving, adapting to the new needs of society and technology through continuous training.

Rosco Grupo Gimeno Transparente
Our purpose
“Connecting sustainability and digitization”

At IoTsens, we are committed to achieve a sustainable environment using innovative technologies and solutions which will result in progress towards a more advanced and cleaner society. Therefore, we align our core business to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

How we contribute to its achievement?

We contribute to improving public health and citizen comfort through essential sensors for better management of our environment.

We provide solutions that address water scarcity and wastewater management.

We work together to better energy consumption management and sustainable energies implementation.

We apply our expertise to create solutions that optimize industrial processes and deploy new communication networks.

We make the cities around the world more sustainable and less pollutant thanks to our solutions.

We create devices that detect consumption patterns and leaks to reduce water and energy consumption.

We specialize in solutions that act in response to climate change and its consequences.

We cooperate with a significant number of organizations on projects that leave an innovative and sustainable footprint.

Join us

Since our founding in 2013 we have been evolving in parallel with society and technology by providing quality services and deploying projects with a positive impact on society.

We offer an energetic and collaborative workplace that encourages creativity and new ideas, transforming them into new projects and solutions.