Lack of information on the control of the use and operation of its machinery.


Hardware development that allows the data obtained to be transmitted to a dedicated server for management on its own platform.

Our Client

Orbel Grupo is a company dedicated to the sale and rental of forklifts, warehouse machinery, platforms, arms and industrial robotics located in the province of Castellón, which aimed to digitize the tracking of its machinery.

The project

IoTsens developed hardware equipment that connects forklifts to the cloud, thus obtaining valuable information about their status and operation in real time. The hardware allows obtaining information from the CPU, which also has a built-in GPS to control the position. The data is sent using the GPRS network to the company’s own server where all the information is managed.

The information collected thanks to the solution consists of:

  • Machinery location
  • Condition of machinery
  • Time of use
  • Hit alarm
  • Multibrand solution
  • Product life-cycle management
  • Control of assets leased to customers
  • Remote connection of vehicles
  • Failure prevention
  • Asset tracking
  • Improved service to their customers
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