AMR Gateway

Designed to receive data transmitted by sensors and meters through WMBUS and LoRaWAN communication, unifying in the same device the two most widespread communication technologies in the market.



  • Collects data from different types of devices: water, gas and electricity meters among others that use the WMBUS protocol.
  • It can operate as a LoRaWAN gateway allowing the reception of data from different areas such as water, environmental or mobility management.
  • The decoding of the data is not performed at the gateway, thus increasing the security in the transmission of information.
  • The device is compatible with different models and brands of meters and its data encryption.

Technical specifications

  • Protocol

    WMBus, LoRaWAN.

  • Transmission technology

    Mobile networks

  • Product

    300 X 220 X 60mm;

  • Power Supply

    Direct current

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