Integral solution for water management in different fields of application in order to digitize the processes and achieve greater efficiency in its management.

  • Improves customer management and distribution network monitoring.
  • Solution that enables optimal management of the water supply network
  • Fast and accurate detection of fraud and leaks with personalized alerts.
  • Detection of consumption patterns and anomalies
  • Time and cost reduction in data acquisition, thanks to the deployment of metering equipment.
  • Economic efficiency and optimization of water resources.
Application areas


  • Dashboard

    Customizable dashboard for each user showing the most relevant values on the status of each supply network.

  • Maps

    Visualization of the position and last values measured by the sensors, meters and hubs deployed.

  • Heatmaps

    Graphical representation of consumption according to its value.

  • Analysis and visualization

    Generation of customizable charts to find patterns and anomalies.

  • Events and alarms

    Generation of alerts if a device registers a certain value.

  • Water balance

    Accurate consumption calculation of a group of meters.

  • Reports

    The data generated can be exporte to be used in other application and create customized reports and graphs.

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