Difficulty for citizens to park in certain areas of the city.


Implementation of a solution that allows citizens to know the status and location of parking spaces through sensors and a mobile application.

Our Client

Meliana is a coastal city belonging to the province of Valencia that has more than 10,000 inhabitants that make up a high population density with respect to the surface that constitutes.

The project

After studying the needs of the city, IoTsens together with its partner Discomon, designed a solution that by installing parking monitors connected through LoRaWAN sends data to a mobile application specially designed for the city.

The project consists of the following components:

  • LoRaWAN Gateway
  • Parking sensors
  • Mobile application
  • Informative LED panels
  • Reduction of vehicle pollution
  • Traffic decongestion
  • Reduction of parking search time
  • Citizens’ well-being
  • Control of the use of parking spaces
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