Considerable operational costs in the reading of the installed meters.


Smart Water solution deployment in order to enable real-time remote meter reading.

Our Client

Aguas e Energia do Porto, founded in 2006, is the local company for the integrated and sustainable management of the city’s entire urban water cycle, supplying an average of 49,450 m3 of water daily to the inhabitants of Porto and managing 57,754 m3 of wastewater per day.

The project

Together with the local company Janz, which specializes in water meters and integrated water resource management, we deployed more than 11,000 smart meters, capable of reporting consumption information remotely. A network of long-range gateways was also deployed to collect the information recorded by the new meters, as well as other previously installed meters, thus transmitting 24 daily readings per meter, which are sent directly to the client’s server for processing in their management software.

The Smart Water solution provides information on:

  • Water consumption
  • Meter status control
  • Water flow direction
  • Manipulation alerts
  • Water balances
  • Alerts for anomalous consumption
  • Leak detection
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Remote meter reading in real time
  • Increased efficiency in meter management
  • Optimized fault detection and resolution
  • Predictive maintenance
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