IoTsens Platform

Integrate all your sensors in the same platform that allows the management of large-scale devices in a simple and efficient way.


The IoTsens platform has been developed within the framework of the UNE 178104 standard on integrated smart city management systems. The IoTsens development methodology consists of tools that guarantee good practices, as well as its quality when delivering product developments.


Communication nodes




  • Open

    We use components based on free software and communication mechanisms based on open protocols.

  • Integrable

    We provide the necessary tools for bidirectional integration with third-party platforms.

  • Scalable

    Horizontal and transversal platform capable of evolving and being scalable thanks to the organization of each of its layers.

  • Secure

    We offer fine granularity regarding permissions and assigned resources, which allows you to control which resources are accessible at any time.

  • Modular

    It is composed of different work modules, which makes it easy to evolve and customize.

  • Big Data & Business Intelligence capabilities

    Real-time analysis, heavy calculations and machine learning processes that support the determination of KPIs.

  • Customizable

    With the client’s corporate identity. It can be configured for integration with proprietary systems such as ERP or MES, guaranteeing privacy and security in data processing.

Success Cases
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