The need to control its assets and the quality of the product served.


Development of customized hardware that connects to their machines in order to monitor its performance and offer a better service to their customers.

Our client

Refrival, integral services company participated by Heineken, is responsible for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the machinery of large distributors in the HORECA sector. The company from Castellón joined IoTsens to face the challenge of developing a smart beer tap that would provide the necessary data to keep a real-time control of their assets.


The project

The customized project consists of a hardware device that, through the integration of different sensors, obtains information about the quality of each beer served, as well as the operation of the machine, and this, allows the connection with a software for the management and history of the data collected, the monitoring of the established KPIs and the geolocation of the installed machines.

The sensoric data collected by the controller includes the following, with a total of 157 monitored variables:

  • Equipment Location
  • Refrigeration compressor
  • Ice bank
  • Agitator
  • Flowmeters
  • Consumption graphs per hours and taps
  • Comparative rankings per hour, day, week and month
  • Service customization for customers according to their usage
  • Control and localization of assets
  • Status information
  • Status indicators for irrigation, circuit and tank temperature
  • Reduction of malfunctions due to preventive maintenance
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