Integral solution for the automation of irrigation zones in order to obtain the necessary information for smart decision making in crops and gardens resulting in resource optimization and efficiency in their management.

  • Irrigation automation through automatic activation and deactivation of the solenoid valves
  • Dynamic irrigation scheduling based on environmental needs and soil conditions
  • Fast and accurate detection of fraud and leaks with personalized alarms
  • Optimization of water consumption thanks to the calculation of irrigation time required
  • Real-time information on soil moisture levels and weather conditions
  • Improves soil health by making proper use of water resources as well as treatments.
Application areas


  • My zone

    Visualization of the position and last values measured by the devices deployed in the city.

  • Valves

    Management of the solenoid valves, their status and the programs associated with each.

  • Devices

    Visualization of the relevant data about the selected device.

  • Analysis and visualization

    Generation of customizable charts by configured irrigation zones.

  • Irrigation programs

    Programming of irrigation time based on the variables recorded by the different environmental sensors deployed in the zone.

  • Events and alarms

    Generation of alerts if a device registers a certain value.

  • Profiles

    Option to define different user profiles based on their daily functions.

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