Lack of information regarding the use of Iberital coffee machines when are on their customers’ premises.


Custom hardware and software developed in order to gather, analyse and display the needed information in real time.

Our client

Iberital, headquartered in Barcelona and with international presence in more than 100 countries, is a global brand with more than 40 years of history in the coffee machine market which asked IoTsens for an answer to the needs of large coffee distributors to have real-time control of their assets.


The project

The custom IoT Project connected the coffee machines trough a hardware device installed with a customized software that managed and displayed all the data collected by the coffee machine. The PCB developed by IoTsens, allows Iberital to obtain information from the coffee machines CPU and send the data collected through WIFI or GPRS.

Through this implementation Iberital has been able to collect the following data from its machines in real time:

  • General information: serial number, description, last cleaning, required maintenance inspections.
  • Number of coffees per day
  • Stock management and replenishment
  • Distributors and users’ management
  • Active alarms and notifications
  • Machines geolocation
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Possibility of remote machine configuration and programming of parameters
  • Management system for users and companies with respective roles and machine assignment
  • Fraud reduction in coffee purchases
  • Optimization and control in purchase planning
  • Efficiency in maintenance routes programming
  • Assets control and location
  • Machine remote connection
  • Anticipated prevention failures
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