IoTsens provides Internet of Things scalable and interoperable vertical solutions to collect and exhange data connecting physical world with digital world resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit.
Due to our know-how after years of experience in the industry – ICT services market, IoTsens has developed a wide variety of sensors and devices oriented to different vertical markets: Smart Environment, Smart Water, Industrial IoT and Smart Cities.


The horizontal platform of IoTsens is the base on which the different vertical solutions of water, city, industry and customized applications are based. This feature allows the management, analysis and processing of the data collected by the sensors, which will be displayed in vertical applications in a simple way for the user, offering all the power of the underlying platform.

IoTsens designs and executes IoT custom projects according to clients needs. IoTsens carries out developments both in the hardware (devices) and software area (platform), accompanying and guiding the client in all stages of the project.

We guide the client developing new devices, redesigning existing products or transforming client’s products into an IoT solution.


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