We strengthened our positioning in the sector by joining AMETIC and the Smart City Cluster.

On the one hand, with our membership in AMETIC, the association representing the digital industry in Spain, we seek to be represented towards public administrations and to have a bidirectional channel for information and feedback on existing needs.



It should be noted that AMETIC’s main objective is to position the competitiveness of the Digital Transformation sector and the adoption of new technologies both nationally and internationally. It currently has more than 300 member companies including Accenture, Amazon, Apple, Santander, Renfe, Facebook, Google, HP, Indra, SAP, etc.

On the other hand, Smart City Cluster (SCC), is an alliance of more than 200 companies that focuses specifically on the development of Smart Cities. They connect cities with the national business fabric, using a model of cooperation between the associated entities. It works as a meeting point between cities and companies, providing knowledge, collaboration and help in the search for solutions and financing. Among the associates are Bosch, Correos, Endesa, Iberdrola, Nissan, Telefónica and Vodafone.

Clúster Nacional de Industria Smart-City | PTA

In conclusion, by joining these associations, we will be able to access new paths of cooperation with entities and companies in the sector, participate in new business opportunities, keep up to date with current trends in the sector and be part of commissions that promote the interests of the companies of which we are members.


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