The tedious manual reading of the water meters or the late detection of leaks and faults in the supply network are some of the main problems experienced by users in the Valencian municipality of Daimús. Problems that have been left behind after the deployment of Smart Water Metering Solution, the innovative remote reading solution that IoTsens has developed for Aguas Moltó, the local water management company.


Aguas Moltó is the local water management company of Daimús. Its areas of intervention include water distribution, drainage of domestic and storm water, beaches, and co-financed projects.


This solution allows the smart meter data to be read in real time and through a single communication network. The aim is the possibility of increasing efficiency and reducing the costs of maintenance and management of the supply network, which translates into optimization of the global management of water resources.

To do this, IoTsens has deployed more than 5,000 smart meters supplied by Kamstrup at strategic points in Daimús. These meters are capable of reporting information on water consumption remotely, reducing investment in infrastructure and operational costs and making it possible to carry out a comprehensive control of the state of the supply network, thanks to the streamlining of the leak and failure detection process and subsequent repair.

This comprehensive method of remote reading collects data from smart meters thanks to the deployment of a network of 100 long-range gateways, located in key locations in the town. Data that is subsequently sent to the IoTsens cloud Smart Water platform, capable of managing, analyzing and visualizing all the supply readings in real time, creating heat maps, balance groups and personalized alarms for any type of leak, breakdown or fraud .



This solution allows to precisely control and track household water management and thus the customer can benefit from multiple utilities:

  • Detailed information on consumption data
  • Meter status control
  • Efficiency in response time and repair processes


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