• Using an infrared sensor, “Body check temperature device” allows to measure the temperature remotely at accesses points at for example, offices, works, industries and other facilities and venues
  • The result is shown on an OLED display with led lighting and sound codes


Temperature control at the entrances to buildings and venues that are reopening their doors these days is one of the main measures that need to be adopted to guarantee everyone’s protection. Responding to this need, IoTsens –Gimeno Group company specialized in global IoT solutions- has developed “Body temperature control device”. An innovative body temperature control solution that is activated with an infrared sensor and capable of measuring the temperature remotely at access points to work centers, construction sites, industries and other facilities and venues.

This solution allows to obtain the data in real time through an OLED screen, which, in addition to displaying the results in numerical form, has a sound and LED lighting code, thanks to which it is visually and acoustically indicated if the temperature detected is in the accepted ranges to access the site.

Thus, the sensor has different colored LEDs depending on the state: flashing to indicate that the device is measuring, red to indicate that the person is outside the defined threshold, and green to indicate that the value is within the correct thresholds. A color code that is accompanied by the sound code with the same distinctions.

Regarding its installation, the device is designed so it can be installed at entrances and access points to venues, works, premises or industries, and can be easily fixed by means of screws or adhesives on any surface.

In addition, the operating range is completely configurable by the customer, as well as the actions of the digital output and the on and off can be performed remotely.

In this regard, Ignacio Llopis, Managing Director of IoTsens, wanted to highlight “the importance of installing this type of smart remote control device”, especially in a situation such as the current one, in which, as he has concluded, “it is vital that companies carry out a temperature control at their accesses, both for employees and customers, since fever is one of the most common symptoms of Covid-19 ”.

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