IoTsens has deployed its Smart City solution in Torrent, a daily resource management system that allows its optimization and efficiency, facilitating the work of administrations and providing citizens with more information. It aims to provide infrastructure to cities to reduce energy consumption and thus achieve the welfare of citizens.


Our client is the City Council of Torrent (Valencia), a municipality with more than 80.000 inhabitants. The town hall wanted to transform its city into a Smart City, to improve the life quality of the citizens and bet for their sustainability.


IoTsens and UVAX have developed a solution that allows remote control and management of cities, to transform them into smart cities through the lighting network. This is due to the possibility of converting the public luminaire infrastructure into trunk connections where different devices, developed by IoTsens, can be connected and subsequently managed under the IoTsens Smart City platform. The solution consists of more than 600 sensors that will allow to measure the quality of the air, the noise pollution, the availability of the parking spaces or the filling volume of the bins, among many other parameters. These sensors are placed in different parts of the city and they are connected through the electrical network (B-PLC) sending the information to the cloud to be analysed.


UVAX is a very important part of the infrastructure deployed in the city of Torrent. Its luminaires have a NODE integrated in each of them, which communicates with its electrical panel through their own electrical network (B-PLC). In this way, the sensors installed in the luminaries send the monitored data directly through the own network. In the case of wireless devices, IoTsens has developed a device that works as a bridge between the devices and the communication network. Subsequently, the data is received on the IoTsens platform, a platform completely integrated in Sentilo, the management software used by the city council.


The solution has provided important benefits to the city, among them we would highlight

-Improvement in urban waste management, environmental control and its efficiency:

-Management of parking spaces:

-Improvement in decision making and process optimization:

-Cost reduction:


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