Noise pollution is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing our cities nowadays. For this reason, and in view of our customer’s need to measure construction work noise and evaluate the impact that it was taking place on surrounding offices, it was necessary to manage the decibels emitted by it in an optimized way.


As a solution to manage the noise emitted by the construction company and to assess the impact generated in the offices, three measurement strategic points were chosen, where IoTsens sound sensors were installed. These electronic devices were able to measure any source of existing noise pollution, both outdoors and indoors.

The first sensor was  installed in the construction area, the second one in the workplace and the last one in the corridors of the offices, where  noise emission was very low.

sound sensors

The data collected by the IoTsens sensors in those areas was translated in useful information to recognize if the noise coming from the building  work was higher than the emitted by the working area inside the office.

In this way, our customer was able to prove that the noise from the construction work was lower than that produced in the working area.


The project has consisted in the deployment of IoTsens sound sensors in three different areas to capture the noise level in those places. These data have been sent through the LoRaWAN communication protocol to the customer’s Cloud platform.


sound sensors



This solution has provided important benefits, the most relevant are the following:

  • Decibels monitoring in real time:

shacke hands Decrease in complaints, denunciations and administrtive transactions


  • Implementation of prevention campaigns:

icono altavoz Reduction of the noise pollution


  • Well-being of employees and residents:

vecindario   Prevention of physical and psychological effects that contribute to the welfare and satisfaction of society


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