On December 1st, CEO of IoTsens and CIO of Grupo Gimeno Miguel Ángel Royo was part of a Panel of Experts of StraTIC on Industry 4.0. The event was held in Valencia and was organized by Stratic Strategic Consulting ICT with the collaboration of Economía 3. The key factors of Industry 4.0 were discussed. The subject was approached from the perspective of the evolution that the sector has experienced, where it is now, and the future of this new productive modality that has entered with force in the industrial world.

They underscored the importance of the role Technological Institutes play in laying the groundwork  for  this new industry. They commented its situation in the Spanish market and provided information and points of view on the Cluster H2020 Initiative, the Ministry of Industry and I + D +i programs.

The private sector also had a place in this conversation. The impact of new technologies available and the relationship with traditional technologies such as ERP, APS and MRPII from the perspective of private Enterprise were evaluated. There was also a dedicated section for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, as well as other enabling technologies and their applications in the industry, in which Miguel Ángel Royo had a special participation talking about the latest developments and projects of IoTsens.

The colloquium flowed from the perspective and historical evolution of Industry 4.0 to the future forecasts for it. They talked about the role of people in the Factory of the Future and the importance of the activation and development of talent. It also explored new business models and opportunities in the sector were explored. They also speculated on what these Factories of the Future would actually  be like. All this without leaving aside the regulatory framework and legal aspects to take into account in issues of Cybersecurity and Compliance.

The result was an interesting Panel where the most outstanding aspects of Industry 4.0 were handled by experts recognized in the sector. They debated in a relaxed atmosphere where they shared many experiences and opinions. This event is one more example of the growing interest in society and the business world, both public and private, in the now known as fourth industrial revolution.



Photography by Vicente Jiménez.

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