This project was carried out in the city of Amman, which in addition to being the capital of the country has become the administrative, industrial and commercial center of Jordan. This region has a population of over 6.3 million inhabitants.

Client: This project was developed with the collaboration of a Jordanian company. This company is one of the largest engineering firms of the country, with a great experience in projects related to smart metering and civil works.

Objective: The aim of this collaboration was to connect thousands of smart water meters under the same communication platform, capable of transmitting data in the extreme conditions that may present the country’s meteorology.

Resultiotsens-intranet: IoTsens technology has enabled the company to collect, integrate, store and analyze diverse information applied to water management with a global perspective. The thousands of gateways that IoTsens has provided to the Jordanian company have made it possible to use IoT technology to connect 400,000 intelligent watermeters, making it easier to make immediate and effective decisions.


Why IoTsens: The solution that IoTsens has provided to the Jordanian company has enabled the simplification of network management, enabling protocol convergence. One of the greatest advantages of IoTsens Gateways is that they store the received information before being sent, thus avoiding the loss of data due to faults in the connections. The client company has found in IoTsens gateways an effective and definitive solution for the management of the water resources of the city of Amman.

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