Part of IoTSens team visited on March 5th the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona on the day dedicated, of such an important event, to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Huge deployment of tech giants like Samsung and Huawei with infinite and spectacular stands giving a good account of their progress on devices like the Smart Watch where Huawei presented its new “Huawei Watch” or the Smart Phone “S6” from Samsung with rounded edges called “S6 Edge “.

To highlight the significant presence in all stands of big companies as Intel or Microsoft Word “Smart” preceding vertical related to IoT (Internet of Things), denoting their interest to grow in this promising industry. Also note that none company came to present a integrated, customizable and scalable solution that would accommodate an intelligent management of resources such as water, wastewater, irrigation of parks, waste collection, street lighting, air quality / water, meteorology, etc.

IoTsens is a platform that allows municipalities and private companies, having centralized and remote information of the facilities with management modules for all these resources, which implies a significant optimization in all aspects.

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