The company belonging to Grupo Gimeno, ADC Infraestructuras y Sistemas, specialized in design and development of TIC, has participated this week in the International Congress of smart cities “Smart City Expo World Congress” held on 18th, 19th and 20th of November in Barcelona. The conference, which brought together 300 leading companies in the sector, has been the epicenter of more than 50 institutional representatives from Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America, 41 international delegations and over 400 cities.

As part of this international event, the company has introduced Castellón scoop development IoTsens solution, a horizontal platform for the development of smart cities that collects, integrate, store and analyze information about the city with a global perspective, knowing what happens in real time and acting immediately.

IoTsens representation at the international fair came from the hand of its CEO, Miguel Angel Royo and Enrique Gimeno, president of Grupo Gimeno. The Mayor of Castellón, Alfonso Bataller, the Mobility Councillor, Carmen Albert, and the Innovation Councillor, Julio Tena, had a fruitful meeting with IoTsens team to know in depth the profits of the solution and study the feasibility of possible implementation in the city of Castellón.

The differential characteristic compared to other solutions on the market is that it is a scalable and adaptable solution that enables integrated management and control level of all the services of a city. The implementation of an integrated and smart management system as IoTsens, allows efficient resource management, cost reduction and optimization of resources and infrastructure but above all, an unprecedented improvement in the citizen service, providing real-time, useful and relevant information to their daily lives.

IoTsens applications range from the environment, urban mobility, emergency and security to citizen participation and smart government.

IoTsens allows municipalities having centralized and remote information of the facilities with management modules of energy efficiency, lighting, air conditioning, to obtain consumption patterns and act effectively on them. Also an optimization of resources in areas related to cleaning and waste collection as well as monitoring water quality, the state of supply networks and parks irrigation. It allows a control on fleet management through real-time monitoring the location of vehicles associated with municipal services.

The implementation of smart lighting, noise detection, monitoring of meteorological stations and air quality through collection data on environmental variables such as the concentration of CO2 and particulate matter seasons, collected by a network of sensors deployed in the city. These are some example of the services that make up the smart management of a city.

IoTsens tool is also very useful for citizens in terms of mobility; allows them being informed in real-time about some aspects such as the availability of public bicycles, the state of the buses or other public transports, the availability of parking, taxis and even the charging of electric vehicles. In short, a service that adds value to the environment and citizens by encouraging the use of public transport and reducing CO2 emissions.

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