Last Wednesday, November 30th, IoTsens was present in the Congreso Tech: “Digitalización y transformación tecnológica”, organized by the Ayuntamiento de Castellón, the Universitat Jaume I and the Centro Europeo de Empresas Innovadoras (CEEI) of Castellón. The main objective of the congress was to promote the dissemination of the technological potential of the provincial social-economic fabric and make a real impact in the province and its territory, emphasizing digitalization and technological transformation for competitiveness.

For this, discussion tables were organized where different topics related with technological transformation were discussed to end with an Expert Panel: “Tech Talent”, the panel in which our Hardware Directorate, María Ramos, participated, which together with other professionals discussed about current technological talent.



While, a Networking space was offered with scheduled meetings between students and professionals in the sector as well as meetings between the different professionals. A space was also set up to show real cases of companies that have helped this digital technological transformation, among which IoTsens was.



The congress allowed to detect the sectorial technological needs of Castellón and also allowed to visualize the proposals for the future of technological talent.

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