• The International Conference on “Internet of Things” has brought together public agencies, private companies and R&D communities
  • IoTsens chosen by the European Commission as a new member of the European Action Cluster of Smart Cities

IoTsens has participated in the international congress Internet of Things Week Lisbon 2015 (IoT Week) on the Day dedicated to Innovation, with the conference “Smart Water as a Service” presented by its Head of Business Development, Ignacio Llopis. The event, held on days 16th, 17th and 18th of June in Lisbon, has served as a meeting place for key players, public and private Internet of Things, this is, a global network infrastructure, linking physical and virtual objects through the exploitation of data capture and communication capabilities.

IotSens is an integrated management solution for Smart Cities developed entirely by ADC Infrastructuras y Sistemas, a company belonging to Gimeno group, a diversified holding company with a clear focus on customer service and R&D operating in sectors such as environmental management, integrated cycle water, port logistics and tourism and leisure, among others. This platform, pioneer at national and international scene, it facilitates taking immediate and accurate decisions through data collection and treatment.

IoT Week 2015, from an active and participatory approach, has been developed for three days, each dedicated to a specialized activity: Research Day, Day of the Industry and Innovation Day. The congress, based on technology development, through various talks and participatory discussions, noted the emerging opportunities in the sector and has been a place of connection and exchange of knowledge between different private companies operating in the global market, public entities and research and development communities.

Meanwhile, IoTsens, member of the Smart Cities European Action Cluster, through the lecture by Ignacio Llopis, noted that “Water is a key element for life. This is the reason we have to be smart and respectful in their treatment and, above all, in the way that we serve it to the end customer”. In this sense, the Iotsens “Smart Water” platform is postulated as the ultimate tool for obtaining parameters that allow the end user to measure, discover, analyze and act on their water consumption, interacting with real-time data.

This event, IoT Week, was born out of the hand of the European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things (IERC), and has become the premier event in Europe for debate and international research on the topic. Since 2014, the IoT Week event is part of the calendar of activities organized by the International IoT Forum whose main objective is to develop a global Internet of Things. In this line, IoT Forum addresses the technological barriers, business and social challenges that favor the creation of suitable conditions for a true ecosystem and a global IoT market. It also seeks to create an international dialogue and cooperation between different players in the industry, research and government.

Thus, IoTsens, from Castellon, takes an important position in the international arena as part of the global business and technology fabric that draw the most pioneer and innovative sector entities. Proof of this, is the participation in forums such as IoT Week Lisbon 2015 or Smart City Expo World Congress 2014, as well as active participation in the Smart Cities European Cluster.

IoTsens in the Smart Cities European Action Cluster

Recently, IoTsens has been invited by the European Commission to take an active part of Integrated Infrastructures & Processes Cluster Action aimed at developing smart cities in the European Union, particularly in the “Urban Platform”. One of the main objectives of this working group is to create a space that favors the implementation of projects, collaboration between public and private administrations, citizen participation and developing relationships that allow the growth of smart cities market in the European Union.

So, in late May, IoTsens participated in the Assembly of the Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, EIP-SCC held in Berlin. An initiative of the European Commission, aimed at creating a market of solutions for smart cities, attended by member companies of the Action Cluster (Oracle, Deutsche Telekom, and IoTSens, etc.) to outline the current status of the framework European Smart City and generate a Memorandum of Understanding of the entire industry and make a roadmap of enhancements for the creation, management, organization and implementation of Smart City projects in Europe.

The conference combined talks by professionals from different fields, from mayors of cities such as Ghent (Belgium) and Bristol (England), which provided a more humanistic view on the need for smart citizens over smart cities, to private companies leaders in their sector as Alliander or KFW Bank who discussed models of public-private financing needed for the creation of Smart Cities. The event was closed by the European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Günter Oettinger, who announced new investments by the Smart Cities European Commission’s.

About IoTSens

IoTsens is a horizontal platform for the development of Smart Cities developed by ADC Infrastructuras y Sistemas for collecting, integrate, store and analyze information about the city with a global perspective, making it easy to take immediate and effective decisions. It provides solutions to both municipalities and citizens to provide for rational and efficient management of the resources available through real-time processing data.

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