• Miguel Angel Royo, CEO of IoTsens, leads the conference Smart Water as a Service
  • The Conference “Vanguards in science and technology for innovation in water management” are based on the transfer and exchange of knowledge

The Conference “Vanguards in science and technology for innovation in water management”, organized by the group R&D of the Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (AEAS for its acronym in Spanish) gave the go-ahead on Monday. For two days the most important and influential nationwide urban water management experts have gathered in Madrid to analyze and publicize the issues and topics that are putting the spotlight on the scientific environment and the latest technologies available in the market for the services of the urban water cycle.

In this line, IoTsens has participated actively in this congress. Miguel Angel Royo, is who has led the conference Smart Water as a Service, where it has highlighted the importance of water for life and the importance of proceeding with understanding and respect in dealing with it, especially on how to serve the end customer. In addition, Jose Guillermo Berlanga, director of R&D of Gimeno Group and member of AEAS, moderated a session framed within the category of Innovative Technologies in the market.

IoTsens, integrated management solution for Smart Cities developed by ADC Infrastructuras y Sistemas, is drawn as a key tool to take immediate and accurate decisions through measurement and data processing in real time. This allows the end user to know in depth their water consumption and, consequently, make efficient and intelligent decisions on their treatment. “This is to optimize resources and water management to maximize the efficiency of its management through measurement and treatment of different variables. In this way, we protect one of the most important assets for life: water” Royo said.

With a program marked by the transfer and exchange of knowledge, the conference gathered leading experts of R&D of urban water management, from institutions, research centers, universities and leading technology and management companies in Spain. Over 54 papers distributed between Monday and Tuesday, experts offered these projects and research lines on which universities and research centers are working, moreover, they also introduce the latest technology and innovative solutions for major companies sector.

In short, this conference have made scenario for exchanging knowledge and the latest developments in water management in urban areas, identifying new ways of research and contacting the major players in the industry to optimize mutual understanding and facilitate the research and implementation of new technologies.

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