Project description

IoTsens participates in iPerdas project, by Water Technology Institute to provide a solution to the management bodies involved in order to assist in water management. The purpose of this initiative, which is being held in Portugal, is to allow management bodies to develop a plan for the water and energy leaks management linked to the objectives of the organization by supporting them in making future investment decisions.

Participating entities




The program aims to contribute to organization processes efficiency by gathering all the necessary information for water and energy management and in an efficient way. Also, to improve the collaboration network as a factor of change and contribute to the improvement of existing technology solutions.

Given the innovative character of the project, the objective is also to develop new knowledge and its transfer during the project. New innovation areas in which IoTsens plays an important role are:

  1. Improvement of macro-measurement quality;
  2. Study of water meters measurement errors;
  3. Analysis of nighttime consumption and actual leakage;

In this environment IoTsens presents its Watchmeter Datalogger as a solution in the water management improvement. “Watchmeter” IoTsens – Data Logger has the function of recording data at a frequency higher than 50Hz in time by means of tools and sensors that allow the user to discriminate between their water consumption by detecting “flow patterns”. In this way users are able to know the amount of water used for each activity and to detect water leaks.



Elaboration water consumption management plan and its leakage through the collection of high-value data, identifying, among other variables, the consumption balance, leakage and the  data transmission to management software. In this way it is possible to identify the critical water meters and to make a more extensive analysis of them.

With all this is achieved a notable improvement in the results analysis and data quality is achieved through the global analysis of the park. On balance, we achieve a set of tactics and interventions control that management entities must in terms of resources together with the processes control and the revision of the set-up of the whole system in general.

Why IoTsens

  • Customizable hardware: designed board for pulse acquisition with high revolution (50 HZ)
  • Adaptable interfaces for data detection (electrical signals and protocols)
  • Programmable Microcontrollers
  • Possible integration with several mesh and ad-hoc networks (ZigBee, Wavenis, WiFi, GPRS, LoRa, Sigfox, etc.)
  • Optimized for energy efficiency
  • Low power and high efficiency design
  • Power alternatives: high capacity batteries, solar panels, alternating current …
Tracker Metricool

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