• The forum was held last Thursday at Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid with first level participants as IBM, Telefónica, Intel and BBVA among others
  • The business newspaper Cinco Dias published the essence of the day including the case of IoTsens with statements of its business development director, Ignacio Llopis: “As in school, students learn English, they should also learn programming”

IoTsens has shared with attendees and participants of IoT 2016 Madrid Forum, held on June 2nd, innovations and proposals in the field of smart cities. By the hand of Ignacio Llopis, head of business development in IoTsens, the firm presented different topics such as the management of drinking water, waste water or urban waste management, among others, to an audience composed of big players such as Telefonica , Intel, IBM, BBVA, Tele2 or eGYM.

Under the slogan “IoT: Innovation and Technology, the first edition of this international meeting organized by Executive Forum has cited more than 300 experts in the field. The papers which formed the program, highlighted for their high specificity and deep knowledge, and also offered a comprehensive overview of the market, allowing the analysis of the current situation of the sector, identifying current and future challenges.

Ignacio Llopis has exposed the successful case of IoTsens, with particular emphasis on creativity, innovation and talent needed to identify opportunities for innovation in processes and services to anticipate technological changes in the market and offer a versatile and complete product.

In this way, IoTsens is firmly committed to building “a model of intelligent, innovative and open city” to provide citizens with quality and efficient services. All of this, working with the environment and promoting the economy of knowledge based on creativity and innovation and improving life quality of the inhabitants of these cities.

Video of the panel available in the following link:


IoTsens at Cinco Días newspaper

In parallel, Cinco Dias newspaper with the headline “Pending issue at school: teach programming” explains that the internet of things is not only landing, is already here to stay.

Relying on statements by Ignacio Llopis, head of business development in IoTsens, broadly defines what provides the internet of things: “we connect the analog to the digital world through sensors that collect information through a security protocol, and we take it to the cloud” which optimizes resources and processes to make the life easier for citizens and increase the efficiency of cities. And he also says that “As in school, students learn English, they should also learn programming”.

Here you can read the full article (Spanish):



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