About IoTsens



IoTsens is born in 2013 to provide vertical solutions based on the Internet of Things for Grupo Gimeno companies. Having proved the feasibility of multiple projects carried out for the Group, IoTsens decides to come to the ICTs market both national and internationally. Since then, we have evolved parallel to society, pursuing innovation and exploring the opportunities offered by the market of new technologies.

IoTsens provides solutions based on Internet of Things for collecting, integrating, storing and analyzing vertical information concerning Smart Industrial, Smart Water, Smart Environment and Smart City. With the aim of developing a versatile and complete product, IoTsens has built intelligent, innovative and open verticals that offer quality, efficient, collaborative and interoperable services to both public and private companies



In IoTsens we are firmly committed to the development of innovative technology in our products, responding to the needs of our customers, adding value to their products and increasing their satisfaction. We work in a R&D culture that seeks the continuous optimization of processes in order to achieve innovations that favour the efficient management of resources and sustainable development. IoTsens develops disruptive products based on the “knowledge economy” that allows to identify opportunities to innovate in processes or services in order to anticipate technological changes in the market.






 Due to our know-how after years of experience in the industry – ICT services market, IoTsens has developed a wide variety of sensors and devices oriented to different vertical markets: Smart Environment, Smart Water, Industrial IoT and Smart Cities.



IoTsens verticals allow quick and efficient management of the assets to be monitored, providing comprehensive control, cost reduction and optimization of resources. The platform provides information in real time, allowing a quick and effective response to any type of problem, thus improving the quality of life of citizens, management of resources and performance of facilities.

IoTsens Vertical solutions are structured around 4 large areas:

Smart Water: Comprehensive approach to automatic meter reading that collects data remotely and automatically.. IOTSENS is the only company able to work with 7 different brands (Sensus, Itron, Elster, Diehl, Conthidra, Contazara, KamStrup) under the same communication system.

IoT Industrial: Management and remote control of the activities of the industrial plants that allow the collection, integration, storage and analysis of data of the sensors located in the whole area of activity

Smart Environment: Collection of key information in real time on pollution levels in cities.

Smart Cities: Analysis of city data from a global perspective, allowing city managers and citizens to understand what is happening in their cities in real time.



“IoTsens – Cloud Platform” is a horizontal platform for vertical management providing analysis of data coming from different areas, allowing administrators to understand what is happening in real time in order to act immediately. The layout of the platform has been designed to bring the maximum performance and usefulness to the data collected by the sensors. It includes multiple ways to present, analyze and combine data, allowing it to be downloaded in formats such as Excel or PNG for further analysis or management. The functionalities of the platform are deployed and organized in a simple and intuitive way, making it completely accessible to all types of users without the need of prior knowledge. One of the great advantages of the platform is its interoperability and adaptability to other platforms and networks of sensors, as well as the ability to integrate and third-party sensors and system.



IoTsens has managed to find a niche in an emerging market that meets a growing demand by both private and public sector agents. Thanks to our “Global Partner Network” the growth has been exponential, achieving the distribution of our products worldwide. Over the past few years we have developed Internet solutions for Things around the world. Today IoTsens is present in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia. Keeping up-to-date on all the new developments occurring in the industry and in the immediate environment is key for us. That is why IoTsens attends and participates in technological fairs held worldwide. Last year, 2016, we were present at the fairs of great worldwide reference.


For over 145 years, Gimeno Group has been innovating to approach to your environment a better and more sustainable future. It is a diversified, experienced, committed and dialogue business group, formed by 33 companies operating throughout the country and with international presence.

Currently, Gimeno Group consists of more than 4,500 professionals who represent the active core value of the company. The team of Gimeno Group and its constituent companies, are constantly evolving, adapting to the changing needs of society and technology through continuous training.