FACSA is a company founded in 1873 in order to give a complete and modern distribution network of potable water to the citizens. From then, it has diversified its activities consolidating its presence, being responsible for managing the integrated water cycle of 2 million people. Furthermore, the company offers services like water collection, purification and treatment added to its distribution and the subsequent collection and treatment of wastewater.


Objective: Provide FACSA with an efficient and definitive solution to increase efficiency and reduce the costs of water resources maintenance and management at all stages of the process.

Result: For this project, IoTsens has developed a smart water metering solution deployed to over 8,000 FACSA customers.

Through the implementation of this project, FACSA in able to provide an exhaustive control of water consumption, as well as to optimize the process of detecting system leaks and breakdowns, fraud or manipulation. In short, the solution for smart water management IoTsens provides the possibility of efficiently managing water resources.

Why IoTsens: The IoTsens solution consists of an integral method of tele-reading counters that collects the data remotely and automatically in real time. In addition, it is able to work with 7 different brands (Sensus, Itron, Elster, Diehl, Conthidra, CONTAZARA and Kamstrup) under a single communication platform, in order to achieve a fast and efficient management of its supply network.