“IoTsens – Smart City Cloud Platform” is a horizontal platform for the development of Smart Cities which provides analysis data of the City from a global perspective, enabling citizens & city managers to understand what is happening in their cities in real time in order to actuate immediately and proceed with solutions.

  • Complete horizontal solution
  • Open and based on standards
  • Ready for any vertical domain
  • Intelligence for any kind of environment
  • Scalable: absorb all kind of information and keep on working with no functionality problems
  • Interoperable and adaptable with other platforms or sensor networks and technologies
  • Secure: high security level from the sensing layer until the platform
  • Bidirectional: The system receives and manages the information producing an intelligent response
  • 3rd party integration: gather the data from partners and integrate their systems into our platform
  • Low deployments costs: affordable for any type of project
  • Deployment as SaaS or In-House
  • Multi-protocol sensing hubs
  • Multi-protocol communication networks (LoRa, Sigfox, Zigbee, 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Optimized battery consumption
  • Bidirectional communications
  • 3rd party integration sensing network


The IoTsens platform is designed to be open so that it can be easily integrated with third party systems and so external developers can expand and make use of the platform’s functionalities. The most characteristic features are highlighted below.

Map with summary of relevant data: 

  • Sensor key allows filtering by sensor type
  • Sensor popup window with information relevant to each type of sensor

Graph with historical sensor analysis:

  • Define periods
  • Download information in Excel format
  • Download graphics in PNG format
  • Real-time information

Customizable Alarms:

  • Summary table of all alarms
  • Choice of visibility: public or private
  • Search filter by:
    • Date
    • Type
    • State
    • Group
    • Name

Dashboards with relevant information:

  • Rapid visualization of system analysis
  • Each widget is a shortcut
  • Widgets are configurable

User Settings:

  • Home page settings
  • Map location settings
  • Alarms and / or subscribed events


  • Easy and fast access
  • Mobile devices
  • Tablets