icono Solución Smart Water

IoTsens WalkBy is a metering system that allows to obtain readings and relevant information in an agile and simple way for the users in those supplies in which installing a smart metering system based on a fixed network is not technically viable due to the conditions of installation.


  • Smart metering solution in supplies where a fixed smart metering network has a high economic cost.
  • Smart metering solution in supplies with coverage difficulties to install a fixed network.
  • Facilitates smart metering in locations difficult for operators to access
  • It minimizes the manual intervention of the operators since they do not need to enter the buildings, simply walk the streets.
  • The data can be downloaded from the app or integrated into the IoTsens Smart Water solution


Beneficios Solución Smart Water



Smart meters 

Water meters that transmit by radiofrequency the current value of the metering and the active alarms (for example, fraud, leakage, reverse flow, etc.). When sending the information remotely, the operator do not need direct access to each meter.


The remote reading device WalkBy

It is a device slightly larger than a smartphone that is responsible for receiving the information from the meters. It has a rechargeable battery that gives it a great autonomy and connects to a mobile phone via Bluetooth to send the collected data.



The data collected by the WalkBy metering device is sent to an Android app.

In this application the data collected by the reader is decoded to extract the readings of the water meters and the alarms that are active. In addition, it allows operators to consult and write comments that can be read by other users, both on the web and on other mobile devices.

The application can work without a continuous connection to the Internet, synchronizing with the server.


The WalkBy server

It is the neuralgic center of the system that keeps all the information collected by the operators and keeps all the mobile phones synchronized with the latest version of the collected data. On the other hand, it allows to export the readings of the counters both to Excel files to be imported by other applications and to the IoTsens Smart Water solution.