Full Indoor Covid Control

IoTsens offers a triple sensor pack to guarantee the correct management of indoor spaces in establishments and services in the HORECA sector offering a safe space to customers:

  • Body surface temperature measurement.
  • CO2 concentration as an index of correct ventilation of the premises.
  • Sound level as a reference of the aerosols emitted when speaking at a high volume.


Determined the fever as the main indicator symptom in Covid-19, there is a recommendation to control the body temperature of people in places where there may be a certain people concentration: offices, hotels, places of leisure…

This device allows the measurement of the surface temperature of the skin. It works through infrared technology measuring the surface temperature when the person stands in front of the device, showing the results on an OLED display.


NOTA: Equipment for mass temperature measurement. Non-medical product, for confirmation of diagnosis you must go to a medical team.



In crowded indoor spaces, CO2 level is an indicator to know the quality of the air. Its main source of emission is the people themselves. This device is designed specifically for indoor measurement allowing, in addition to measuring the CO2 index, to display multiple variables on its screen in the same device:


  • Humidity and Temperature
  • Presence detector
  • Luminosity
  • TVOC: index for the measurement of volatile organic compounds
  • Barometric pressure


Agitation, stress, or a loud voice increase the intensity of our breathing and so, the number of particles that we emit and receive.

It is important to control sound levels in indoor spaces with a high concentration of people to ensurre proper ventilation.


The IoTsens sound sensor is capable of recording noise levels thanks to its integrated microphone. It can analyze the surrounding ambient sound in the frequency spectrum audible to the human ear, displaying the collected data in dBA.



Access to the IoTsens web application for visualization and storage of the data collected by the sensors.



  • Real time data visualization
  • Alarms for exceeding a determined level
  • Download reports
  • Historical data
  • Data storage on IoTsens servers