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The IoTsens – UVAX solution allows remote control and management of cities, transforming them into smart cities through the possibility of convert the public lighting infrastructures into trunk connections where different devices managed by the IoTsens Smart City platform can be intalled.

Beneficios Solución Smart Water


UVAX is responsible for the infrastructure deployed in the cities. Its luminaires have a device integrated in each of them, called a node, which communicates with its electrical panel through the electrical network itself (B-PLC).

Beneficios Solución Smart Water


  • Use of existing infrastructures in cities
  • Cost reduction due to process optimization
  • Data and events analysis to help decision-making
  • Integration of third-party systems
  • Adaptation of the solution to other sectors, such as industrial or metering


Beneficios Solución Smart Water


This solution, already implemented in some Spanish cities such as Torrent, offers the public administration different benefits aimed at the search for efficiency in cities. Due to the use of the city’s luminaire network, it allows to reuse existing infrastructures, reducing implementation costs and optimizing processes. In addition, thanks to the integration of third-party systems, the leaders have all the management tools under one platform.