Inaccuracy in the control of the production process.


Development of a customized software with the objective of having a complete vision and keeping a real time control of the production plant.

Our Client

Logifruit is positioned as a logistics service provider specialized in the management of reusable packaging, presenting 14 plants in Spain and 1 in Portugal that decided, together with IoTsens, to increase the digitalization of its production process.

The project

After conducting a detailed study of Logifruit’s industrial plant and its needs, IoTsens has developed a solution that, through an industrial gateway, collects the PLC data generated by the different production lines included in each plant to establish a standardized structure of its data. Through the combination of the hardware and the programmed software, the different data are treated in a uniform way for the calculation and management of the plant.

Through this implementation Logifruit has managed to obtain information on:

  • Production level by shifts and machines
  • Machine status
  • Fault and failure detection
  • Remote machine configuration
  •  Active alarms and customized notifications
  • Optimization of the production process.
  • Implementation of a predictive maintenance plan.
  • Real-time detection of bottlenecks.
  • Decision making based on more accurate information.
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