Smart thermometer

The “Smart Temperature Sensor” is equipped with temperature sensor that records temperature measurements at high precision. This type of thermometer is highly used in industries such as medical, food or pharmacy research. All information is stored and sent to a database where the user can analyze temperature register.

  • Allows monitoring temperature control
  •  Large measuring range
  • Wifi communication
  •  Internal storage
  •  Sending data for storage in database
  • Alarms generation for maximum or minimum temperatures
  • The transmitter module and the battery are installed inside an enclosure that provide the sensor with an IP66 insulation level and make it operable over a wide temperature range, thus being able to work in harsh environmental conditions.
  • The device must be installed in areas where the temperature needs to be measured considering data transmission needs. To ensure data transmissions, the device must be installed in places that allow communication with the technology integrated in the device.

thermometer sensor