Watchmeter Data Logger

“Watchmeter” IoTsens – Data Logger records data at a higher frequency than 50 Hz in time by instruments and sensors that allow final user to discriminate between water and gas users consumption using “flow patterns”.

  • Study of identification of water use (better water management)
  • Control of consumption (fault detection)
  • Control of counter status (flow direction detection and manipulation)
  • Send data for storage (availability of consumption history)
  • The information is stored and sent to a database where the user can accurately analyze consumption patterns.
  • It is possible to discriminate the different uses to which the water is destined due to the registered patterns, being able to associate to specific activities like the consumption of the dishwasher, a washing machine or the shower.
  • The device includes inputs for the connection of direction, flow and manipulation signals to emitters with this type of signals.
  • wide temperature range
  • IP66 insulation level
  • accurate consumption data logger that helps the users efficiently manage their resources
  • The meter pulse emitter must be connected directly to the data logger “Watchmeter” through the digital inputs of the device.