Watchmeter Data Logger

“Watchmeter” IoTsens – Data Logger records data at a higher frequency than 50Hz in time by instruments and sensors that allow final user to discriminate between water users consumption using “flow patterns”, this way user may know how much water is using for shower, washing dishes or even washing machine.

“Watchmeter” can be also used to measure the flow and pressure of the pipelines and the filling level of wells in order to determine the exact amount of water contained in each moment.

  • Studies identifying cases of water use.
  • Automatic collection of data 24 hours per day
  • Collection of measured values of various parameters
  • Detailed information
  • Storing data for further analysis
  • Direct connection to SIGFOX and LoRa communications
  • Size: 180x160x90mm
  • Frequency: Up to 50 Hz
  • Meter Inputs: Up to 4 meters with pulse output / Up to 2 meters with pulse output, direction and alarm
  • Supported meters: Elster, Itron, Sensus, Kamstrup, Conthidra, Maddalena…
  • Temperature: operates in the range -20ºC to +65ºCStorage: Storage size for more than 1 million events
  • Power supply: autonomous operation with high capacity lithium batteries. Optionally, can be connected to mains or solar panels, both with backup batteries
  • Protection class: Standard IP66
  • Modes:
    • “EVENT”: Pulse rate up to 50Hz. Pulse duration measured in milliseconds. It allows the recording of all pulses received (events) with a frequency below 50Hz and stores the duration of the events in milliseconds.
    • “COUNT” Sampling rate from 1 to 59 minutes. Total volume, volume flow rates, maximum and minimum flow is recorded in samples of 1 to 59 minutes. Data files are compressed reducing the information to be transmitted.