Sound sensor

The IoTsens sound sensor is able to record noise levels due to its integrated microphone. It is able to analyze the surrounding ambient sound in the audible frequency spectrum for the human ear, showing collected data in dBA. This information is essential in spaces with high levels of noise pollution or with restrictions on noise levels.

  • Prevention of exposure to high levels through control of ambient sound level.
  • Monitoring of noise levels in both open spaces and closed spaces, allowing a detailed knowledge of the sound activity in a certain area.

The sensor registers information of sound level on a specific time (measurements each predetermined interval of time) or continuous (levels reached during a period of time) in the area in which it is located. Along with this, it provides an analysis classified in percentile and absolute maximum, allowing the user to control the acoustic levels of a neighbourhood, factory, etc. and to proceed with its improvement by taking the necessary actions.

  • Wide temperature range
  • IP65 insulation level
  • The device must be installed in areas to be measured considering transmission of the registered information needs.