Humidity and Temperature Sensor

“Humidity & Temperature Sensor” is equipped with a sensor capable of measuring relative humidity in many types of environments. The sensor is located at the end of a wire and is equipped with a semi permeable protective housing preserving the sensor from water, but allowing humidity measurement through its pores.
This way the sensor can be buried to obtain data on soil moisture in gardening and agriculture fields, installed for example in food storage chambers, public premises with air conditioning, outdoor installation for meteorological purposes, etc.

  • Irrigation management improvement: soil moisture measurement
  • Crops condition management: soil temperature monitoring
  • Temperature & humidity controldoor application
  • Humidity and temperature sensor is a valuable tool for a wide range of applications. Device widely used for irrigation and cultivation control of farms and gardening, allowing the user to know the humidity and temperature data of both the air and soil, depending on where the sensor is located. These measures will help those in charge to make the right decisions.
  • The transmitter module and the battery are installed inside an enclosure that provide the sensor with an IP66 insulation level and make it operable over a wide temperature range, thus being able to work in harsh environmental conditions.
  • The protection provided by the sensor allows it to be installed both outdoors and buried in the soil. In the latter case, the sensor must be installed at sufficient depth so that external environmental factors do not affect the measurements recorded by the sensor in the ground. The burial distance will depend on the type of terrain and the environmental conditions of the location of the sensor.