Data Logger Lite

The “data logger lite” is equipped with digital inputs capable of recording pulses at a frequency higher than 50Hz, this allows the user to connect instrumentation to measure the consumption of water, gas, etc. which use pulse emitters to account for consumption.


• Low power consumption
• High autonomy of the device
• Control of consumption
• Control of water meter status
• Sending data for storage and analysis

  • All information is stored and sent to a database where the user can accurately analyze the consumption, direction and also the manipulation of the water meter.
  • The data logger lite can withstand harsh working conditions due to its wide temperature range and IP66 insulation level. Is because of this that the device is a precise data logger of consumption that helps the user to manage its resources and gives the possibility to use them in a more efficient way.

The water meter pulse transmitter must be connected to the sensor through the digital inputs of which the device is provided.